Standing in the central mezzanine of your quarters, you survey the surrounding room. It's hardly the Metropolis Ritz. The decor ranges from dreary to non-existent (along with the ceiling panels) and there is little evidence of the last time a cleaner was in, if ever.

Three large holoscreens take up the far wall and an uncomfortable looking couch sits before them in the centre of the room. Immediately in front of the couch is a coffee table with a number of devices upon it. In the far corner is a full-length mirror with a suspicious gas leaking from a vent immediately above it. An unmade single bed, apparently stain-free, resides in an alcove. There are digital display panels on both sides of the room and a number of 425mm ammunition bins are scattered around.

Off to one side is a short corridor leading to a closed door and immediately behind you is the open doorway leading to the ramp and balcony.

In order to interact with anything in your Captain's Quarters, simply click the appropriate word in the description above.